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Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC (“CRA”) is a national and international executive consulting firm specializing in corporate and governmental crisis and risk mitigation, insurance coverage counseling, regulatory compliance counseling and health care consulting.  CRA is led by Founder and CEO Tracy A. Campbell, J.D.

Prior to serving in this capacity, Campbell served six years as the insurance coverage and risk management partner for the prestigious national law firm, Schiff Hardin LLP.  After 15 years of practicing risk and insurance coverage counseling, she noticed that many of her clients were facing the same costly risk failures time and again.  Campbell founded CRA because she realized that an integral is missing from most risk and insurance counseling.  Companies have reoccurring risk and insurance problems because they do not have a current, comprehensive risk management plan in place to deal with frequent and infrequent risk failures before they occur.  And when companies do have a risk management plan, it is usually outdated, complicated to implement and lacks the accountability metrics that are critical to assessing whether the plan is effective in actually controlling costs and reducing legal exposures.  

This recognition is the driving force behind CRA’s mission to provide unmatched crisis, risk and insurance coverage counseling for each client. CRA’s goal is to keep our clients far away from the business end of a catastrophic risk failure for which they did not maintain adequate cash reserves  or a dispute with their insurance company for proceeds to cover the multitude of internal and external costs resulting from that risk failure that may ultimately threaten the stability of their companies.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, too many companies rely on grossly inefficient risk management efforts that provide only the illusion of protection against risks. At CRA, our trusted advisors provide you with a strategic analysis of your business operations, along with customized recommendations for optimal protection.

Our Philosophy

Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC helps business owners protect their dreams by effectively managing the risks faced their companies face.  We specialize in helping corporate executives and other senior leadership control costs and operate more efficiently by proactively and aggressively managing their operational and financial risks to minimize the chance of costly risk failures.

Most executives are facing increasing pressure from their Boards of Directors and other stakeholders to accurately account for risk in a slowly recovering economy.  Our novel aggressive and proactive approach to crisis and risk management seeks to identify and analyze not only the risks our clients have encountered, but, more importantly, the risks they do not see and for which they are not prepared to respond when the inevitable goes wrong.  When a company is pressing full speed ahead with its business goals by the time they see the iceberg it’s almost always way too late to prevent a catastrophic crisis. The company’s leadership is then forced to explain to stakeholders why a full risk assessment was not performed.  Our goal is to steer our clients clear of hidden dangers on the front end rather than engage in often futile and expensive damage control on the back end. 

CRA empowers our clients to control their own financial destiny by advocating a non-traditional spin on risk and insurance counseling so that you steer clear of hidden dangers by helping your company manage the risks of which you are aware and counsel you on the risks that you may not see.

Risk Management Solutions for the Real World

CRA takes a unique approach to helping companies manage risks and control costs.  We provide a 360-degree operational and financial risk assessment, including an analysis of risk tolerance, financial condition, expansion projections and other factors unique to our diverse client base.  CRA then advises clients on ways to cut costs and create growth opportunities by taking carefully-considered business risks.

CRA is not the “no” department.  We understand that companies exist to produce value for its stakeholders. All courses of action are risky, so prudence is not in avoiding danger (that is impossible), but accurately calculating risk and then acting decisively.  CRA partners with our clients to analyze strategies to turn uncertainties into growth opportunities or, at the very least, to be prepared and confident with your strategy for minimizing the damage from a risk failure.

Every Second Counts in a Crisis – Don’t Stand Alone

According to a University of Texas study only 6% of companies suffering a catastrophic loss will survive.  CRA can greatly increase the odds that you company not only survives, but is able to turn a crisis into an opportunity to more fully position itself in the market by taking immediate, decisive action.  Companies can bury their heads in the sand and hope for the best or they can take proactive steps to create (1) a crisis plan; (2) business continuity plan; (3) a communications/messaging strategy; (4) an impact assessment and (5) a reputation management/repair strategy.  As no company is immune to risk, none is immune to crisis.  CRA understands the stakes and is at the ready as your rapid response team on the ground to assess the situation and recommend a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the loss of your company’s assets and reputation.

Your Stealth Advantage in the Liability Insurance Arena

We’ve seen it all and counsel our clients on ways to create additional value and clarity in their insurance programs so that insurance disputes and expensive coverage litigation will not derail your company’s long-term objectives.    Led by nationally recognized insurance coverage attorney Tracy A. Campbell, CRA makes certain that you have the right insurance policies and the most competitive rates available to your company to protect your corporate and personal assets – before you need them.

Your Independent Ally

Our only agenda is what’s in your best interests. Our proven strategies afford you the widest possible range of options and the most competitive rates in the insurance marketplace, something rarely offered by insurance agents and brokers, some of whom receive compensation from insurance companies from which you ultimately decide to purchase your company’s insurance coverage.  

In addition, our commitment goes well beyond helping you find the same insurance to cover your company’s frequent exposures, we consider the totality of all the risks your company faces and may recommend insurance policies for risks that you may not consider material or emerging risks such as cyber liability.  CRA may also recommend changes in the amount of coverage your company purchases for certain liabilities, modifications to your insurance policies to create more robust coverage that is customized for your company’s operations and changes in the amount of cash reserves your company holds for risks it chooses to assume after careful analysis.  CRA’s tackles thorny risk assessment issues that are typically beyond the expertise of the average insurance broker or agent.

Helping You Navigate of local, state and federal regulatory compliance

The evolving Obama health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), poses a challenge to businesses of all sizes. We stay tuned in to the latest developments, informing you about the frequent changes to the employer compliance timeline and your insurance options. CRA also ensures your company knows about the latest government efforts to curtail the explosion of cyber crime and the responsibility being imposed upon all business which collect or retain client information electronically.


We offer introductory 90-minute boot camp seminars designed for senior level executives who desire a high level overview of current risk management, insurance coverage or health care reform basics and best practices.  Each seminar will be customized according to the client’s size, industry and needs.


We act as our clients’ first line of offense when it comes to managing the legal, financial and reputation damage from an internal or external crisis resulting from a risk failure.


 We also provide counseling on specific risk management, insurance coverage or health care reform issues of concern to our clients.


 Finally, we provide comprehensive audits (of varying size and scope) of our clients’ current risk management programs and insurance coverage programs.




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