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Non-Traditional Approach to Risk, Insurance Counseling Leveraged by Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC

360-degree operational risk assessment is hallmark of Cynosure’s successful counseling method

CHICAGO October 19, 2013 – As companies large and small grapple with how to control costs and manage operations more efficiently, Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC (CRA, puts a non-traditional spin on risk and insurance counseling by advising its clients to engage in aggressive, proactive risk management, steering them clear of hidden dangers and empowering them to control their own financial destiny. CRA, a boutique consulting firm specializing in risk, insurance and health care reform counseling, launched operations on August 1, 2013.

Regardless of the industry, most executives are facing increasing pressure from their Boards of Directors and other stakeholders to accurately account for risk in a slowly recovering economy. CRA counsels companies and their leadership with concise, plain language advice and recommendations. Aggressive, front-end counseling is not traditionally provided by risk and insurance professionals at the same depth as CRA. After a 360-degree operational risk assessment, including an analysis of risk tolerance, financial condition, expansion projections and other factors, CRA advises clients on ways to create additional value and clarity in their insurance programs so that disputes and litigation become less frequent.

“CRA’s goal is to keep its clients far away from the business end of a risk management disaster or a dispute with its insurance company for proceeds to cover the ensuing liability,” states CRA’s Founder Tracy A. Campbell. While the insurance partner at a large Chicago law firm, Ms. Campbell observed a need for corporate counseling that preceded the catastrophic liabilities or insurance coverage crises her clients found themselves faced with on a semi-regular basis.

“Putting out a fire that stemmed from a failed (or non-existent) risk management guideline or a dispute with an insurance company over policy proceeds was stressful for my clients, expensive to resolve and grossly inefficient for them in the long-run because resolving such problems typically involved temporary band-aids that lasted just long enough for the risk management failure to fade from the clients’ short-term memory in favor of other pressing business concerns,” states Ms. Campbell.
CRA creates customized and cost-effective risk management and insurance solutions that can be realistically implemented and maintained by clients. Its business philosophy encourages aggressive and proactive risk management by companies and makes certain that their clients have the right insurance to protect their corporate and personal assets – before they need it.

About CRA:
CRA is a Chicago-based boutique professional services company specializing in corporate risk mitigation, insurance counseling, and health care reform training. CRA is led by Founder and Principal Tracy A. Campbell, Esq. For more information visit

Tracy A. Campbell
Founder and Principal
Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC

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