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Now that it has been affirmed as the law, do you feel that your company has a comprehensive understanding of the constantly evolving rules and requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  – also known as Obamacare?

The ACA has been a swiftly moving target for employers who want to stay apprised of the latest regulatory developments.  CRA provides you with the latest breaking news on whether your company is subject to the ACA, whether your company can retain its current insurance or what options are available to your employees should you choose not to provide ACA-compliant health insurance.

Is your company prepared for the potential financial penalties of not providing compliant health care benefits to your employees?  Do you know how much that will cost you now and in the long run?

We’ll empower you to make educated decisions on whether to provide ACA-mandated benefits and advise you how the ACA will impact a company of your size.We’ll help you understand what you need to do now and prepare you for future compliance requirements.

How will you keep employees up to date about their rights as health reform continues evolving?

We’ll help you understand what you need to do to prepare for future compliance requirements.  We’ll also keep you apprised of your legal obligations to them.






We Make It Easy for You to Stay in Compliance

Our detail-intensive training sessions keep your business fully compliant with health care regulations that affect your employee benefit plan as additional reforms become effective, according to the legislative timeline. We help you develop strategies to rapidly inform your employees about the latest developments in health reform.

Meeting Your Needs

Executives, human resources managers, and benefits specialists must be in the know about changes in the Affordable Care Act. CRA will counsel your business about your healthcare reform options and how you may need to adapt your health insurance and other employee benefits. Through training and ongoing updates, we keep you in the know about the latest news, trends, and strategies for navigating the murky waters of health care reform.

How We Steer You Clear of Hidden Icebergs

We consult with your leadership to understand the history of your employee benefits program and compare your benefits with the most current standards to identify any compliance gaps with respect to the ACA and other health-related regulations such as ERISA. We provide you with the framework to adapt to changes in the health care landscape that can adversely impact your business’ bottom line without decisive action.

Do Your Due Diligence Today

Contact Cynosure Risk Advisors to discuss your needs for up to the minute updates on health care reform as well as education and consultation.


We offer introductory 90-minute boot camp seminars designed for senior level executives who desire a high level overview of health care reform basics and best practices.  

Each seminar will be customized according to the client’s size, industry and operations.


We also provide counseling on health care reform issues of concern to our clients.


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