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What are the operational and financial risks associated your business strategy and operations?

Our comprehensive and systematic assessment of all of your company’s potential risks will help you see the hidden icebergs in the path of your company’s growth and stability Taking into account your company’s cash reserves and risk tolerance, we help you prioritize the risks your company faces and determine which potential losses can be mitigated through insurance.  With our proactive, aggressive risk management philosophy we steer you clear of the threats you are aware of and the hidden or emerging threats of which you are not aware – so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

How quickly does your company react to a risk failure to minimize the financial and legal exposure as well as the potential damage to your company’s reputation?

When it comes to crisis management and crisis messaging, every second counts.  Your company’s stakeholders are demanding new levels of transparency and accountability.  Employing an aggressive crisis management plan can be the difference between disaster and opportunity – watching your company’s financial stability rapidly sink or charting a new course around a failure that creates value and goodwill – saving your company money and its reputation.

According to a University of Texas study only 6% of companies suffering a catastrophic loss will survive.  CRA can greatly increase the odds that you company not only survives, but is able to turn a crisis into an opportunity to more fully position itself in the market by taking immediate, decisive action.  Companies can bury their heads in the sand and hope for the best or they can take proactive steps to create (1) a crisis plan; (2) business continuity plan; (3) a communications/messaging strategy; (4) an impact assessment and (5) a reputation management/repair strategy.  As no company is immune to risk, none is immune to crisis.  CRA understands the stakes and is at the ready as your rapid response team in the trenches to assess the situation and recommend a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the loss of your company’s assets and reputation.

CRA’s Unique Risk Management Approach

We Protect Your Company Against a Broad Spectrum of Operational and Financial Risks


An Ounce of Risk Management is Worth a Pound of Cure

The fastest route to decimating your corporate assets is dealing with operational and financial liabilities after your company’s ship has already hit the proverbial iceberg.  The traditional risk management approach involves managing the fallout of a catastrophic liability by focusing on the specific risk that caused your company’s exposure.  The traditional approach is doomed to fail because all of the company’s energy is focused on putting out isolated fires with little to no energy spent preventing the costly fires from occurring in the first place.  By contrast, CRA’s proactive and aggressive risk management philosophy emphasizes customized preventive measures for your company based on a comprehensive assessment of all of your company’s risks. By analyzing the full spectrum of risks your business faces, you will learn how your risks are interrelated and why a full-scale risk management strategy is more efficient than merely engaging in damage control time after time.

Cynosure Risk Advisors will train and empower your company’s stakeholders to identify, analyze and mitigate your company’s risks as more than just a way to manage liability, but also to control costs, stimulate growth and further your company’s long-term objectives.  We offer multiple tactics to empower your company’s leadership. We accomplish this by helping you minimize risk through insurance and through adding specific provisions to commercial agreements that transfer or balance the risks undertaken by all parties.

You’ll walk away with a detailed white paper containing powerful risk management tools, plus practical and cost-effective ways to implement them for maximum protection.

Hidden Risks Can Be Just As Costly As Known Risks

Our 360-degree evaluation of your company’s operational and financial risks ensures your business is using the right information to prioritize risks of which you are already aware while anticipating new and emerging risks tied to your company’s current operations and long-term business plan.

Most brokers and internal risk managers are skilled at reacting to the consequences of a risk failure, usually by focusing solely on the circumstances of the particular risk failure while spending most of their energy in crisis management mode. While CRA is extremely skilled at first-response crisis management, we are simultaneously assessing the circumstances of the crisis to ensure that they do not trigger other, even more damaging, risk failures.  We do not just place temporary Band-Aids on risk failures, we assist our clients in modifying and/or strengthening their complete risk management program to ensure that any recurrence of that risk failure will be resolved in a thoughtful manner that will have limited impact on the company’s bottom line. Only by analyzing the totality of the varied operational and financial risks a company faces can the business properly analyze the potential risks that most concern the company and then prioritize all of the company’s risks so that valuable (and limited) resources are strategically employed.

Don’t Risk Another Day

When you’re ready to take your business ship on a safer route, contact Cynosure Risk Advisors to discuss how we can help you safely navigate risk-infested waters. Savvy business managers don’t avoid new waters or wait to address risk management until a menacing exposure is in sight or their ship has already struck an obstacle. They assess the potential gains and risks and handle all eventualities well in advance with expert guidance from us.

We offer introductory 90-minute boot camp seminars designed for senior level executives who desire a high level overview of current risk management basics and best practices.  Each seminar will be customized according to the client’s size, industry and needs.


We act as our clients’ first line of offense when it comes to managing the legal, financial and reputation damage from an internal or external crisis resulting from a risk failure.


We also provide counseling on specific risk management issues of concern to our clients.


Finally, we provide comprehensive audits (of varying size and scope) of our clients’ current risk management programs.


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