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30 Aug2016

SEC: Former Monsanto exec to get $22.5M as whistleblower

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) – A former Monsanto Co. financial executive who tipped off regulators about the agribusiness giant’s…

19 Aug2016


Bellevue, Wash.-based Eddie Bauer said POS malware found at about 350 U.S. and Canadian store registers might have captured…

15 Aug2016

Insurance, risk management options fall short on catastrophe planning, brokers say

Concerns over natural catastrophe risk have risen for middle market businesses, but the insurance and risk management solutions to…

03 Jun2016

Spammers Hijack University Servers

A Google search of the Internet domains of Harvard, Stanford and UC Berkeley yielded unexpected results – websites selling…

27 Jun2015

Domestic Partner Benefits Could Change In Wake Of Same-Sex Ruling

Jay Mark Streeter Jr., center, left, and Hai Nguyen, center, right, fill out a marriage license application…

18 Feb2015

How HSBC’s Errors and Lack of Oversight Hit Reputation As World’s Best-run Bank

“Our executive directors have a combined 178 years of service – a track record almost without parallel in the…

10 Feb2015

U.S. To Establish New Cybersecurity Agency

(Reuters) — The U.S. government is creating a new agency to monitor cybersecurity threats, pooling and analyzing information on…

09 Feb2015

Health Care – A Vulnerable Industry

The cyberattack on Anthem, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, points to the vulnerability of health care companies,…

06 Jan2015

As Cyberthreats Rise, Push For Intelligence Heightened

In a small hotel meeting room a few blocks from the White House, employees from power plants, factories, airports…

06 Jan2015

2014 Was Landmark Year for Health Data Breaches

When it comes to health data breaches, 2014 was a milestone year. Healthcare organizations accounted for about 42 percent…

30 Dec2014

Trustwave Releases State of Risk Cybersecurity Report

Companies that store credit-card or financial information need to activate employees to study, monitor and respond quickly to possible…

17 Dec2014

Congress Ends Session Without Renewing TRIA; Insurance Industry ‘Reeling’

“Incredible disappointment” is echoing within the insurance industry as Congress has chosen to adjourn without reauthorizing the Terrorism Risk…

07 Dec2014

Employers Can’t Force Workers To Get Health Screenings

Do it or else. Increasingly, that’s the message from employers who are offering financial incentives to workers who take…

07 Dec2014

Retailers data breaches could get ‘ugly’ during holiday season

Hold onto your credit cards — cybercriminals are eager to hack them, and this holiday shopping season, there is…

11 Nov2014

Banks Ready Cybersecurity Defense

Wall Street soon will unveil its next line of defense against hackers.

A group backed by the biggest banks plans…

11 Nov2014

How To Respond To SEC Inquiries Concerning Data Breach And Data Security Policies

Every company, whether public or private, has exposure to potential data breach or theft of confidential information….

28 Aug2014

24 Questions To Ask Before Terminating An Employee

Of all the employment decisions employers make, none get litigated more often than termination decisions. To protect your company,…

09 Jun2014

Upsurge in Hacking Makes Customer Data a Corporate Time Bomb

(Reuters) — With hackers stealing tens of millions of customer details in recent months, firms across the…

20 May2014

States Sticking to Insurance Exchange Models for 2015

Few states could claim Obamacare’s first enrollment period was smooth — whatever the final numbers — but…

08 May2014

Bank Managers May Be On the Road to Becoming Public Enemies – Warns Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC

Bank Directors and Officers Face Increased Scrutiny from Regulatory Lawsuits and Criminal Investigations Brought by Federal Regula

09 Apr2014

Court Upholds FTC’s Power to Sue Hacked Companies

Federal Trade Commission has the power to sue companies that fail to protect their customers’ data, a federal court…

01 Apr2014

When to Disclose A Data Breach: How About Never? — WSJ Blog

When your company gets attacked by hackers, how much do you tell the public and when? Often…

12 Feb2014

New Rules Heighten Focus on 401K Plan Sponsor Duties

Business owners who offer a 401(k) plan are required to comply with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”),…

16 Jan2014

Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC creates webinar series that demystifies Obamacare for busy executives

CHICAGO January 16, 2014 – Uncertainty and confusion still abounds when it comes to employers grappling with the financial…

17 Dec2013

How BlackBerry Lost Its Touch – Effective Risk Management Strategies Announced by Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC

CHICAGO December 17, 2013 – A mere ten years ago BlackBerry Ltd. launched a revolution in the mobile communications ma

12 Dec2013

Don’t let your fears stall the growth of your company – Contact CRA today and rest easy tonight

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is…

02 Dec2013

Wanted: Applicants With A Criminal History And An Unprofessional Hairstyle

A combination of recent enforcement efforts by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and state-level legislators has employers scratching…

12 Nov2013

Friending Social Media: How To Manage Legal Risks

All businesses and organizations have a social media presence, intentionally or unintentionally, whether through formal investor communications or indirectly…

08 Nov2013

Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC Announces Two New Appointments in Pivotal Roles

Candice D. Jones Becomes Director of Health Care Consulting and Shannon R. Strasser Joins as a Senior Risk Management…

22 Oct2013

Wall Street Learns from Simulated Cyber Attack

New York – Driving home just how serious the growing threat of cyber attacks are on financial markets, the…

17 Oct2013

FDIC Issues Warning On D&O Liability Insurance Policies

On October 10, 2013, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) issued Financial Institution Letter 47-2013 to warn insured depository…

17 Oct2013

Daring Greatly – A Lesson for Companies Large and Small

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man…

08 Oct2013

Effective risk management can unleash opportunities: World Bank

Effective risk management can provide both resilience to withstand risks and the ability to pursue development opportunities, the World…

01 Oct2013

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23 Sep2013

Walgreen shifting 120,000 employees to private health exchange

Walgreen Co is moving 120,000 employees to a private health insurance exchange from coverage provided directly from carriers, the…

11 Sep2013

Beating The Odds – Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC Founder and CEO Tracy A. Campbell

September 9, 2013 – Chicago Daily Law Bulletin – When Tracy A. Campbell was 21, she was…

04 Sep2013

Are you ready for your company’s holiday party?

Many companies start planning their holiday party now.Employers need to know that an employer can be held liable for…

28 Aug2013

Facebook wins final approval for ‘Sponsored Stories’ settlement

It appears the road has finally come to the end in Facebook’s “Sponsored Stories” lawsuit. US District Judge Richard…

28 Aug2013

Final IRS health care reform rules address federal premium subsidies

Final Internal Revenue Service health care reform law regulations affirm that low- and middle-income retirees younger than age 65…

19 Aug2013

Non-Traditional Approach to Risk, Insurance Counseling Leveraged by Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC

360-degree operational risk assessment is hallmark of Cynosure’s successful counseling method

14 Aug2013

High-level executives often do not understand company risks

A new report from Forbes Insights sponsored by Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. suggests that many executives don’t understand their…

What Others Are Saying

One quality of an intelligent person and a great attorney is the ability to distill complicated matters into something everyone can comprehend. That is exactly why, when coverage questions arose, my company turned to Ms. Campbell for counsel. She does an exceptional job at reducing complex coverage issues into easily understandable concepts. She demonstrates a keen ability to relate legal concepts to my company’s unique business.

Sidney L. Kerley, Esq., General Counsel, Insurance Auto Auctions

When I was in private practice I worked alongside Tracy Campbell and saw firsthand the proactive risk assessments, and the overview of coverage options she would conduct for clients. I have no doubt there are many companies who stand to benefit from the kind of insurance coverage counseling Tracy provides. Any company that is not conducting periodic, comprehensive risk assessments -- or just wants a fresh or different perspective than the one its broker or coverage litigation counsel has provided -- should talk to Tracy.

Thomas J. Henehan, Esq., VP/General Counsel, manufacturing industry


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